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Here is a cost comparison between hydronic heat pumps and gas boilers for hydronic heating:
These are popular choices of heat source we use to heat the hydronic system.

Hydronic heat pump:
- Installation cost depending on brand and complexity : $14,000 to $30,000
- Lifespan: 10 to 20 years
- Efficiency: Up to 500% (COP)

Advantages: High efficiency, low operating cost, can be used for both heating and cooling, low maintenance, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solar can be added to reduce running costs.

Cons: Higher upfront cost, larger external area required for equipment.

Gas boiler:
- Installation cost depending on brand and system complexity: $3,850.00 to $10,000
- Lifespan: 10 to 20 years
- Efficiency: Up to 95%

Advantages: Lower initial cost than some other options, reliable, works well in colder climates, can provide hot water as well as heat

Cons: Higher operating cost than heat pumps, emits greenhouse gases, requires regular maintenance

Overall, hydronic heat pumps have a higher initial cost but higher efficiency compared to gas boilers. Gas boilers have a lower initial cost and work well in colder climates but have higher operating costs and emit greenhouse gases. The decision between the two will depend on factors such as local fuel costs, climate, and personal preferences. It is also worth noting that some homeowners may choose to use a hybrid system that combines both a heat pump and a gas boiler to take advantage of the benefits of both technologies.

These costs may equate to possible system package prices as follows:
Gas System 150m2 $14,5000
Heat pump System 150m2 $28,000

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Very Professional and trusting guy. Steve is from England so he has extensive experience installing these systems
Aislin Maurice
Highly Recommended. Professional and very pleasant to deal with
May W. Peakhurst Heights.
It is rare to find such a professional tradesman as Steve Cooney... He was professional, helpful and responsive to my needs
Suzanne Charkas
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