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Answers to commonly asked questions
What guarantees do I get on this type of system?
A typical 25 years is standard with guarantee on pipe and radiators. Heat source warranties vary depending on brand
Which heatsource do I choose?
Typically most people would choose natural gas I’d they have access onsite. Most gas boilers on the market are over 90% efficient. A Hydronic heatpump can generally cost at least double to have installed. It can incorporate cooling and be contributed to by solar PV. Wood is a great fuel source for those who are happy to deal with the manual loading of an appliance. Wood boilers available are just as efficient as gas boilers now
Why choose hydronic over ducted or fan assisted heating?
Hydronic Heating prevents draughts and cold spots in the room normally created by a fan forced system. No fan means no noise It warms people, surfaces similar to the warm wrap you get from a wood heater with the added advantage of thermostatic control.